Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct Coming Soon!

Well, it’s more a livestream event than a Nintendo Direct, but none the less, it’s coming on October 24th 2014.   Here are Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America’s Twitter posts about the matter:

What’s more interesting though, are the timing and the content. For one thing, this presentation is being shown literally ONE DAY before Bayonetta is released in North America. So we might well see some sort of crossover with said game, like Bayonetta herself appearing as a DLC character or something. Wouldn’t that be one hell of a marketing campaign?

In addition to that, the Tweets promise that we’ll see ‘fifty new things not present in Super Smash Bros for 3DS’. Or in other words, an absolute ton of new game modes, new stages, new music… heck, perhaps even DLC characters or something too.

So yes, it’s happening. In just 4 days, we are going to be seeing something epic announced for Super Smash Bros for Wii U.



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