Super Smash Bros Hacker Destroying People’s Games?

Remember how a while back, hackers were accidentally bricking people’s copies of Splatoon by playing against them with usually unplayable characters and weapons (like the Octolings)?

Well it seems like something similar is happening in Super Smash Bros for Wii U.  Basically, someone calling themselves gamergibbons on Reddit was playing on For Glory with a ‘really salty’ (read, obnoxious) player.  Said player apparently changed his name to ‘YOU’RE GONE’, at which point the topic creator’s game crashed to a black screen with an error message.  It then continued to be unusable whenever he tried to boot up the game again, or copy the save data.

Above: Apparently, this is the result of the hack.

So something is apparently not right on For Glory in Super Smash Bros.

But is the story true?  Well to be honest… we’re not really that sure.  It’s a compelling one, and if true, certainly one that’ll scare a few die hard Nintendo fans and Super Smash Bros players.

But it’s also a very suspicious one, one which has a lot of ‘points’ which bring it closer to a creepypasta that a real telling of events.  Like the hacker changing his name in a cruel way right before destroying the game.  Okay, the person mentioned was apparently a douchebag or what not, but come on… changing his name to taunt his opponent before attacking?  That’s the kind of thing you’d see in a movie, not real life.  It made me think of that scene in Skyfall where Raoul Silva attacks MI6 with a virus on an encrypted laptop.

There’s also the somewhat technical infeasibility of the attack.  What data does your Wii U share with other consoles when playing online?  Well, in Smash Bros’ case… not a whole lot as far as attack vectors go.  So the theories in the thread are that the attack used a hacked nickname or messed up replay data for the task.  But how would that work?  Is Nintendo’s security really so bad that someone can figure out how to brick someone’s copy of the game or save data via injecting code into a nickname or replay data?  Cause that seems pretty unlikely.  Also, the kind of bug that many companies would offer thousands of dollars in reward money for, since it’s clearly dangerous for people using their products.

Add how said user apparently lost the replay data proving the attack (and let’s face it, saying you’ve lost/destroyed all evidence is very common for fake rumours posted online), and you’ve got a story that’s a tad suspicious in how it’s presented.  Probably not gonna stop the gaming press talking about it though.

But what do you think?  Is there really a hacker going around in Super Smash Bros destroying people’s games via exploits, similar to the problems caused by Splatoon hackers in months past?  Or is this just another tall tale that’s going to end up on every gaming website under the sun within about a week?


Game is Unplayable After Encounter With Hacker – Smash Bros Reddit


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