Super Mario Maker Patch Fixes Option Unlocking System

Getting Super Mario Maker tomorrow?

Don’t like the annoying delay of a whole day between unlocks, in the vein of WarioWare DIY on DS?

Well, it’s your lucky day!  Super Mario Maker has gotten its first patch, which has a the nice effect of reducing the time between unlocks from one whole day to just fifteen minutes!  Which is a much more reasonable amount of time to wait to unlock things like visual styles and new game mechanics, at least in out book.


Above: All this can be yours on day 1 rather than day 9!

It also changes a few other minor things, but that’s the main one.  No long, boring delays between getting to use new features.  Means we should have much better levels available on launch day, right?


Super Mario Maker Update Removes 9 Day Unlocking System – My Nintendo News


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