Super Mario Advance 4 e-Reader Edition Released!

No, not Nintendo’s official version (though that’s been released recently as well, and looks amazing), but a fan made ROM hack which makes the same functionality available for free!

Basically, some smart people over at GBATemp have taken a look at the Virtual Console version of the game, extracted the changes from the ROM and made them available as part of a patch for a Super Mario Advance 4 ROM. In other words, you can play the exact same game as from the eShop (complete with e-Reader functionality and UI) by patching this mod to a normal ROM of the original game.

What’s more, a few things have even been added, that aren’t even available in Nintendo’s official version! These include a save file which has all the e-Reader specific switch effects applied, including different Luigi physics, harder gameplay and Super Mario Bros 2 vegetables in the normal levels. Here’s a screenshot showing the project:

mario advance 4 mod title

mario advance 4 mod levels

Either way, it’s pretty obvious that Nintendo won’t be too happy about this one. Especially given that it’s a method to basically make a brand ‘new’ Virtual Console release available for free to anyone who can find a copy of the original game.

What do you think about this mod?


Super Mario Advance 4 All e-Reader Levels – ROM


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