Super Mario 3D World soundtrack now on Club Nintendo!

So for those European Nintendo fans out there who want to hear the game’s music in some ‘official’ way, there you go.  You can find Nintendo’s Tweet on the matter in the full post after the break.

My opinion though?  Don’t really see much point in getting this CD.  Not only do I not plan to buy a Wii U (and this game, among others) until Smash Bros comes out, but the entire soundtrack can be gotten far conveniently with this magical thing called the ‘internet’ and ‘Youtube’.

But if you want to see what Nintendo has to say on the matter (officially) or to see it on the Club Nintendo store, keep reading!

First, the tweet about it:

And now, the link to the store in which you can get it for those Club Nintendo Star things:

Are you getting this? Or has technology kind of made CDs like this a tad obsolete?


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