Pokken Tournament Pulled from Arcades due to Disappointing Sales

For a new Pokemon game with so much hype behind it, this is certainly not the best start.  In at least one arcade (and seemingly more), Pokken Tournament machines are apparently being removed due to a lack of popularity and the machines not bringing in enough income.   As a result, they’ll be gone by early November.

As per the original tweets:

Above: LOL at Mario taking away the screaming Pikachus…

And my (likely a tad inaccurate) translation:

We decided to remove the game in November.  It was only there for a short period of time, but thanks for playing.

Unfortunately, the game wasn’t profitable and was operating at a deficit.

I’m not going to keep spending money to keep the machines going.

Either way, it’s a disappointing outcome for Pokken Tournament, especially after all the hype the game has gone from on official channels.  So what can we learn from it?

Well, it’s hard to judge.  On the one hand, this could mean that people simply aren’t liking the game as much as they’d expected to, and the lack of popularity comes from the title being a simple misstep by Nintendo and Bandai Namco.

On the other… perhaps the game is simply better suited for either home console (like the Wii U), or Western audiences in general. Perhaps people outside of Japan like fighting games more and more ‘hardcore’ games are better suited to console gamers.

Above: Perhaps the game will work better on the Wii U.

It could also just be a small sample, since we only know of one arcade owner pulling the game due to a lack of unpopularity.  Perhaps his arcade is in a place where Pokemon fans are near enough non existent and the ones in other parts of Japan bring in thousands of daily customers, all of whom really like this type of game.  It’s hard to tell at this point.

But either way, Pokken Tournament machines are already being pulled from arcades due to disappointing sales and a lack of popularity, and Nintendo likely won’t be happy to hear this.




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children dont get so much money from their parents like in the past.
People rather want to have the game then to pay for only playing it.