Pokken Tournament Compatible with All Amiibo

It’s not particularly expected given that Pokken Tournament debuted as an arcade title, but apparently it’s just been confirmed that it’s compatible with all Amiibo. So what do they do?

Well, if they’re not the special Shadow Mewtwo one (which unlocks him as an extra character right away), they just unlock various in game items. Probably nothing important, but hey, it’s something!

Compatible with all amiibo accessories unlocking in-game items.

Above: The official description about it on the website.

What do you think about Pokken Tournament, and its confirmed compatibility with the tons of different Pokemon based Amiibo out there? Do you think we’ll see some interesting stuff if we use the Smash Bros or Animal Crossing Amiibo with the game?


Pokken Tournament Compatible with All Amiibo – My Nintendo News


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