Paper Mario Color Splash Review Round Up

It’s been controversial since it’s announcement. From the lack of unique characters to the Sticker Star esque battle system, people have been critical of Color Splash right from the moment it was announced. Indeed, it wasn’t even an hour before the first petition came out asking for the game to be cancelled!

But now it’s been played and reviewed, how does Paper Mario Color Splash stack up? Well, surprisingly well according to critics. Indeed, quite a few critics have actually given it scores of around 90% and called it a generally good game overall!

So let’s start with the positive reviews first. Nintendo World Report gave it 9/10, saying it’s a fantastic game even despite being nothing like the Thousand Year Door on Gamecube. Other positive reviews came from Nintendo Insider (also 9/10), Nintendo Life (8/10) and God is a Geek (8.5/10).

Slightly further down the review scale, we get IGN (7.3/10), Gamespot (7/10) and Lazy Gamer (7.5/10). You’ll probably notice that these aren’t Nintendo specific sites whereas the ones giving it the higher reviews generally were. So it seems Nintendo fans will appreciate this a bit more than other gamers.

Kotaku gave it a good review too. However, they don’t seem to post review scores any more, so it could be anywhere from an 8/10 to a 10/10.

Video reviews are a bit mixed, though it makes sense given who they’re from. GameXplain loves the game, saying it’s an enjoyable title to play in general:

Whereas Arlo (the guy who made the ‘Problem with Paper Mario’) video is a bit more mixed on the matter. He says the characters and world are better, but the battle system is obnoxious with all the inputs required to use cards and attack enemies. Here’s his review:

So yeah, the general consensus seems to be that it’s a decent to good game that may have a few flaws in the battle department. But hey, in case you want to hear more people’s thoughts on the title, here’s a massive list of every major reviewer and what they gave the game so far:

Site/Critic Name Score
Attack of the Fanboy 80%
AV Club Vibrancy but little depth (no score)
Cheat Code Central 4/5
Destructoid 8.5/10
Digital Chumps 84%
Dual Shockers A title that should be in every Wii U owners library (no score)
Expert Reviews 4/5
Eurogamer Italy 80%
FNintendo 90%
Gameblog 80%
Gamespot 7/10
Games Radar 3.5/5
GameXplain Likes it a lot (no score)
God is a Geek 8.5/10
GoNintendo One of the finest Paper Mario adventures to date (no score)
IGN 7.3/10
IGN Italia 90%
IGN Spain 82%
Kotaku Favourable
Lazy Gamer 7.5/10
Meristation 87/100
My Nintendo News 8/10
Nintendo Everything Thumbs Up
Nintendo Enthusiast 7.5/10
Nintendo Life 8/10
Nintendo World Report 9/10
Techno Buffalo Buy
The Games Machine 83%
The Sixth Axis 7/10
Trusted Reviews 4/5
US Gamer 3.5/5
WCCFtech 7.8/10
What They Call Games A decent game with few innovations (no score)
XGN 80%

So overall it seems like a game that could be worth buying if you’re a Wii U owner, like Paper Mario or just want another decent title to play before the end of the year. Just keep in mind it’s nothing like Thousand Year Door or the N64 game in terms of design!


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3 years ago

Hrmmm, maybe I will pick it up one day when I can get it either for free or $10.

3 years ago

Well, sounds like it is a fun game if you are willing to give it a chance. If nothing from it is appealing to you, might as well skip it as it doesn't sound like you will be missing any masterpiece.

I am curious bout the game, so if my partner buys it or the price goes down I might eventually get it.