Paper Mario Color Splash Coming to E3 Livestream!

So, is anyone excited for Paper Mario Color Splash? Anyone really want to see more of this game before it gets released later this year?

Oh, okay then. Guess not.

Yeah, I really guess not. People hated this game off the bat.

But it’s coming to E3 anyway! Tomorrow, Paper Mario Color Splash will be shown in Nintendo’s Treehouse livestream. And do you know what I think?

That this is the game’s big chance to try and win over the doubters. This is the one in a million chance the game could have to get people interested in the concept and world. It’s a time for Nintendo to say that no, this is not just another Sticker Star.

There are various ways they could do that. They could show off some new characters, like NPCs that aren’t generic Toads. There could be a new villain who’s responsible for sucking the area dry of colour. Heck, they could come out and say that no, Bowser has no major role as the main villain in this title and people would immediately be more interested in the game.

But if this doesn’t happen, if we just see more Sticker Star elements…

Then that’s it. Paper Mario is pretty much finished there and then. Remember, you can fool people once. Sticker Star did sell about 2 million copies overall.

You can’t fool them twice or more. People didn’t like the generic concepts in Sticker Star (and then Paper Jam). How do we know this? Well, Paper Jam bombed hard. Hopefully not enough to take the Mario & Luigi series with it.

Paper Jam scene

Above: Not what people wanted. The sales proved it.

If Color Splash doesn’t impressive tomorrow, it will fail. There’s pretty much no doubt about it, since Joe Average doesn’t own a Wii U. Casual mum and kids moved from the Wii to iPhone app games, not to Nintendo’s current system. The hardcore Nintendo fan is basically the Wii U’s only fanbase. Those people hate Sticker Star style Paper Mario games, they hate generic Toads and themes, and they won’t buy another game like that. If they don’t buy it, this game will probably sell worse than Star Fox Zero did.

Either way, it’s being shown off at Nintendo’s E3 stream tomorrow. Let’s see if the game has improved enough for anyone to buy.


Paper Mario: Color Splash to be shown on Treehouse Live