Nintendo’s Trying to Appeal to App Devs with Wii U?

Well, here’s an interesting story from the Japan Times.  Apparently Nintendo is trying to court smartphone app developers and get them to develop their mobile phone/tablet apps for the Wii U by offering them software that converts their games to a Wii U compatible format.  Here’s the original article in question:

They’re apparently hoping these apps can catch on enough to help console sales and hence help out sales of traditional Nintendo first party games by association. Or in other words, hoping people would buy a Wii U for the likes of Angry Birds as well as more traditional series like Mario and Zelda.

And I guess they want to use it to boost their own eShop and turn it into something more like Apple’s app store or the Google Play Store for Android.

It’s an interesting little business plan they might have here to help them sell the Wii U, but I’m a tad skeptical of how well it could even work.  After all, the only reason apps generally get bought so much is because they’re cheap and available for a type of machine people need for non gaming purposes, so its conveniant to buy them.  They’re not enough to get people to buy a 350 dollar video game system in the same way few people buy an iPhone just for the games.

What do you think of Nintendo appealing to app developers to help the Wii U?  Will this idea boost sales or fail miserably?


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8 years ago

Not seeing that it will boost sales, but its only an ‘extra feature’ so it wont really hurt anything.
The gamepad is also the ideal device to replace a tablet (as it is a tablet).
Can be an extra argument to buy a Wii-U instead of a tablet + xbox/ps. But only for those who want to play angry birds like simple games