Nintendo’s got high hopes for Game & Wario…

Which is made even more awkward by the complete lack of understanding about what makes the Wario series popular as mentioned in this Kotaku interview.  Let’s begin, seeing what Nintendo of America thinks people love the Wario/WarioWare series for…

And then you have a game like Game & Wario.  The Wario team, they have their own very, very distinct, off-kilter humor. Which I love, because any time I can talk about farting in an official capacity, it’s fantastic. You’ll see a lot of that when that game comes out for Wii U.

So right off the bat, Nintendo’s Bill Trinen mentions Wario and farting like two things that make the series popular/well-loved.  Gee, that really helps people stop thinking the series is all about toilet humour and fart jokes, doesn’t it?  It’s also rather depressing, since prior to about Super Smash Bros Brawl, the series never focused on this kind of humour at all.  It’s not present in any Wario Land games, it wasn’t really as emphasised in the WarioWare games up to about Smooth Moves or so and arguably the focus on this type of humour is one of the reasons Wario’s character has become a bit of a joke in recent years.

Above: Anyone else miss this type of Wario game?

It also shows a complete lack of understanding about what made the series popular; the actual quirky humour, the fun platforming gameplay (Wario Land) or the microgames themselves (WarioWare).

Then it just gets a bit more depressing to watch.  Yes, Nintendo of America has seemingly convinced themselves Game & Wario is going to be one of those major games that will send the Wii U flying off shelves…

His comments about what could send the console flying off shelves like the 3DS:

I think we’re on the way [there], certainly.  We’ve got games like Game & Wario. And I mean, who doesn’t want a game that’s gonna openly talk about farts?

Yes, despite all possible evidence to the contrary (and this is coming from someone who is a fan of Wario series), Nintendo has a certain level of hope pinned on Game & Wario flying off store shelves and selling Wii U systems.  The whole thing reminds me of this Luigi’s Mansion 2 quote:

With my brains and your… uh… your… hmm, we may be in a bit of a pickle…

It’s not particularly inaccurate either.  Nintendo pinning their Wii U hopes on games like this one?  Well, that pretty much seals the console’s fate until about Christmas.  Made a bit more depressing by how their response to the Kotaku author’s skepticism is to add a fart button to the Crowdfarter website for the game…

Yeah, it’s all a bit depressing isn’t it? I’m almost imagining someone at Nintendo of America looking at this game and the Wii U summer schedule and going ‘oh god, we’re screwed’.  Followed with the ‘well, we’d better try to market the game well enough to sell a few systems, someone’s probably getting fired either way’.  It’s literally the wrong game at the wrong time, and I suspect Nintendo’s current hopes for it might be a tad optimistic.

Game and Wario Disco

Above: When this is the title your console’s hopes and dreams are pinned on, you know you’re in trouble.

Or as the Kotaku author puts very well (surprisingly)…

while I enjoy a good fart joke as much as the next guy, I do have to say that Nintendo’s current fart-fixation smells a bit, not of farts but of mild desperation. Someone, please, care about Game & Wario! It has farts!


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7 years ago

Ever actually played Warioware? ._. It’s chock full of toilet humor and people do love it.
Microgames about trying to get to a toilet, wafting away Wario’s farts, leading people to toilets all kinds of stuff.

So what if they’ve made Wario’s character a bit of a joke? With quotes like “DO’H I MISSED!” or if you’re in Japan “OH MY GOD!” He was already a bit of a joke.
I for one, and many others are looking forward to Game & Wario.

Cole Holbrook
Cole Holbrook
7 years ago

I have played Warioware and a lot of the games aren’t even toilet humor!