Nintendo working on Wii Sports U and Mario Kart HD

According to the Kyoto Report, Nintendo is supposedly working on these games along with quite a few other interesting titles.  Here’s the full list of games that are supposedly in development at Nintendo’s studios right about now:

Software Group No. 1 – Producer: Hideki Konno

  • Mario Kart HD (TBA)
  • Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (2012) Co-Development

Software Group No. 2 – Producer: Katsuya Eguchi

  • Mii Shooting (TBA)
  • Wii Sports U (2013) Main Development

Software Group No. 3 – Producer: Eiji Aonuma

  • The Legend of Zelda Wii U (TBA)
  • The Legend of Zelda 3DS (TBA)

Software Group No. 4 – Producer: Hiroyuki Kimura

  • Pikmin 3 (2012) Main Development

Software Group No. 5 – Producer: Tadashi Sugiyama

  • Wii Fit U (2013) Main Development

EAD Software Development Department Tokyo

Software Group No. 1 – Producer: Takao Shimizu

  • Undisclosed Project (TBA)

Software Group No. 2 – Producer: Yoshiaki Koizumi

  • Undisclosed Project (TBA)

Nintendo Software Technology Corp

Development Group – Producer: Shigeki Yamashiro

  • Undisclosed Project (TBA)

ND Cube

Development Group – Producer: Hidetoshi Endo

  • Undisclosed Project (TBA)

Intelligent Systems Co. Ltd.

Development Group – Producer: Ryoichi Kitanishi

  • Undisclosed Project (TBA)

While a lot of games are currently listed as ‘Undisclosed Projects’, it’s interesting to see a couple of potential new Wii U games named there too, like Mario Kart HD (come on, you all knew this was coming), Wii Sports U (same) and Mii Shooting.  And given that the teams behind 3D Mario, Paper Mario/WarioWare and even Mario Party 9 are supposedly working on new projects at the moment, this makes me think they could well be already developing the new Wii U 3D Mario game everyone’s after.

So what do you think of this?  Is it interesting?  And more importantly, do you think these game names are real?  Or are the sites linked to unreliable and going off pure guesswork?




Nintendo working on Zelda U, Mario Kart HD and Mii Shooting; Wii U and Mii



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