Nintendo Talks about the Zelda Cycle in Iwata Asks?

Well this is interesting.  For a long while now it’s been observed that a ‘cycle’ exists with the Zelda games where each game comes out, is hated for a bit and then grows more popular/accepted as good when the next one is released, but it was never actually called out by name in actual official materials.

Here’s a picture showing what people consider the cycle in simple terms:


But now it’s officially been mentioned in the Iwata Asks for the Wind Waker HD, you’re probably wondering what Nintendo are saying about it, right?  Well here you go, here’s their mention of the whole ‘cycle’ thing:

Aonuma:There’s a “Zelda cycle.”
Iwata:  Yes. Bill Trinen-san12 at Nintendo of America—who always plays a big role in preparing the overseas versions of The Legend of Zelda games—always talks about the Zelda cycle.
Aonuma:  Basically, as time progresses, negative opinions about The Legend of Zelda turn into positive ones. At first, I wasn’t sure about that, but seeing the response to The Wind Waker HD, I think it may be right.
Iwata: And it isn’t restricted to The Wind Waker. Every time a new Zelda title comes out, there’s no shortage of negative opinions, but a year or two later, people are revising their opinions, and its reputation goes up.

Aonuma: The response of fans in North America was like that for The Wind Waker. When we first announced the original version in 2001, the majority of voices we heard were against it. However, the responses for the Nintendo Direct13 we aired in January were incredibly favorable. Also at the Nintendo Experience event at Best Buy14 which was held at the same time as this year’s E315, a lot of people lined up in front of the single demo station for The Wind Waker HD in each store, saying they really wanted to play it.

So yeah, seems they know about the whole issue.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was exactly why Wind Waker was rereleased, to try and catch the set of fans/people/buyers who heard all about it a while back when the ‘fan reception’ changed and want a piece of this ‘greatest Zelda game ever’ thing that some fans haven’t shut up about.  Or maybe it’s an attempt to try and market the Gamecube games that failed the first time round with this misconception that doing the same thing twice will lead to better results on the repeat.
What do you think?


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