Nintendo Showcases 2013-2014 Games in Awesome New Trailer!

As far as marketing and advertising goes, it’s fairly well known that the Wii U’s not been doing particularly well.  Sales have been low, commercials have mostly been the same old boring ‘family plays games’ thing that appeals to absolutely no one in particularly and all in all, it seems like Nintendo wasn’t focusing on the games enough.

But with this awesome new Wii U games trailer, it seems like that may be about to change.  Featuring such upcoming blockbuster titles as Super Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, it actually shows the kind of thing people actually want to see on a new system; the games.  Here it is:

It also makes the rather wise decision to forego the mini game collections and more mediocre titles of recent months, like Nintendo Land or Game & Wario.  Probably a good thing really, neither of those games really sold the system to anyone and the latter has probably caused a whole ton of Nintendo’s marketing cash to go straight down the plug hole, so leaving them out the hits trailer at least lets viewers focus on games that might be a tad more important to the console’s future sales.

So yes, it seems like Nintendo (and in this case, Nintendo of Europe) might actually be figuring out how to sell the system properly after all.  Let’s just hope they use this trailer as a TV ad and cut out the lame dubstep ‘family’ together ads that no one gives a toss about, bringing the console’s sales soaring upwards by December 2013.


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Tom Nook
Tom Nook
7 years ago

I feel like if Nintendo were to release something like this in the US, it would help a lot. I still think most people don’t even know what a Wii U is. If they saw these games on TV then they would want them because Nintendo games are pure fun. -and I’m glad you switched to Disqus-

7 years ago

Wow this trailer is really epic. Lets hope Nintendo of America releases something like this.