Nintendo Open to NES Remix including third party games and GBA/SNES titles…

So if you’re interested in seeing an equivalent to NES Remix involving third party games like Mega Man, Castlevania and Contra, or one for the SNES era with Donkey Kong Country, Kirby Super Star and Yoshi’s Island being included, then send Nintendo your feedback to show interest in the idea.

Me though?  I don’t think any of these are a good idea, because I don’t think NES Remix itself is a good idea.  What I want is…

Something like Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, except official:

It’s time we stopped treating ‘remixes’ and ‘crossovers’ like some eShop thing to spend a couple of quid on here and there and more like the absolute goldmine of possibilities they actually are.  Put simply, instead of wasting time and effort on a pointless Angry Birds style title meant to appeal to the extremely shallow, Nintendo could put an absolute ton of resources into a real crossover adventure/platformer/action game that would rival even the best of games like Mushroom Kingdom Fusion and Brutal Mario, and I guarantee it would sell a ton of copies.

That’s what they really need to do.  None of this smartphone app style design or Subspace Emissary nonsense.  Just a good old fashioned ‘characters explore various Nintendo worlds’ action game.


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3DS Man

Who cares. Doubtful any snes or gba remix will be on the 3DS anyway. Nintendo only seem to care about the stupid wii u at this point.

I personally give up. They will never improve the 3DS virtual console which is a real shame.