Nintendo of Japan’s Wii U Site Features Awesome Mario Artwork!

With the rise in Nintendo press kits and other materials, and the wealth of free to find content online, original artwork on official websites is a quite a bit rarer than it used to be.  But while most of their gaming sites now just feature the ‘two millionth minor edit of Nintendo’s generic Mario artwork renders, the official site for the Wii U is different.

How?  It features pretty cool (and unique) artwork showing Mario and friends messing around with the Wii U’s features!  It’s not much, but if you want to see some slightly amusing artwork from said site for yourself, keep reading!

Mario WiiU

First up, a nice little piece of group art showing the main characters of the Mario franchise making use of the Wii U.  Or more precisely, Luigi playing it using the off screen play features and the other three watching whatever generic TV programmes presumably air in the Mushroom Kingdom.


There’s also this artwork showing Peach and Toad cooking in the kitchen, using the Wii U’s browser to look at recipes on the internet to make this easier. Oh look, Peach is portrayed as ‘stereotypical’  Bet someone online complains about it.


We also get to see Yoshi singing.  Presumably, he’s not the most talented singer in the world.  Especially if his baby counterparts in the New Super Mario Bros U game have anything like the same voice:

Above: If anyone sounds worse than ‘bah’, it’s Yoshis trying to sing.


Finally, here’s Bowser and what I assume is Kamek messing around with online video services. Given that Niconico is mostly Japan only and Hulu is US only, what exactly can Bowser and co actually watch on these services?

I don’t see the Mushroom Kingdom or Koopa Kingdom anywhere near either region…

Then again, do they even have the same sort of internet over there?  Good question. I remember some NPC in Mario & Luigi Dream Team talking about posting photos online or something and I guess Francis did own ‘Digibutter.nerr’, but I doubt Youtube, Niconico or Hulu exactly exist in that world.

But that’s all off topic.  Point is, the original artwork used is pretty neat and I’m kind of happy Nintendo of Japan are still putting in the effort when it comes to some official sites and their artwork.

What do you think of these pictures?




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Michael Ocampo
Michael Ocampo
8 years ago

I like the artwork because it’s pretty funny seeing them use the Wii U but, why did you have to mention the stereotypical Peach thing… I don’t care honestly and don’t think it’s degrading in any way but social justice figures are making a 9/11 outta nothing. Can’t we just ignore that and have fun with these articles? Lastly, HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE THE HEAVENILY SINGING OF THE YOSHIS?!?!? IT’S AMAZING!!! XD