Nintendo of Europe holds Game & Wario Art Contest!

Well, this is a pretty nifty way to promote the game.  You see, Nintendo of Europe are holding an art contest based on Game & Wario, with the price being a hundred pounds in eShop funds!

So what’s the theme here?

Everyday life of WarioWare Inc

So in other words, draw a picture showing what you think happens in the daily lives of one or more of the WarioWare characters.  Of course, you have to draw this picture via the GamePad and post it on the Game & Wario Drawing Contest community in Miiverse, but there doesn’t seem to much more than that in terms of rules.

This contest is only open to people from the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Russia and Switzerland (no Italian contest?) aged 12 years and above.

All in all, it looks like a pretty good contest for any Game & Wario fans out there who want to get £100 worth of eShop funds purely for submitting fan art, and I definitely recommend anyone who fits that group enter this.

You can find the rest of the terms here:


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