Nintendo in 2013; Three Games I expect to see next year

1. Mario Kart 8/Wii U

Look back at Nintendo consoles and history.  Now look at when a new Mario Kart game was available for each of them…

Notice how with only a few exceptions Mario Kart has always been available within a year or so if the console launching?

It seems pretty reasonable to assume the pattern will hold true for the Wii U and that Nintendo will want to have a new Mario Kart title available some time in either mid or late 2013.  Why?  Well, it’s a guaranteed million seller for one thing, and a pretty much guaranteed system selling game to have available.  Basically, you can always be certain of a Mario Kart game selling about ten million copies world wide, and it seems fair to assume the same will hold true of the Wii U version.

Oh, and in addition to this, it seems like the game could act as a good ‘substitute’ for Super Smash Bros 4 until the latter game finishes development in either 2014 or 2015, seeing as a Smash Bros game usually takes a good three or four years to develop.  And practically speaking, Mario Kart is usually a Nintendo console’s big ‘multiplayer/competitive’ game until the inevitable new Smash Bros title or a popular First Person Shooter comes out.

2. Super Mario U (3D game)

Because while one wasn’t available for launch for practical reasons (namely that the 3D games sell this and because they take longer to develop), the 3D Mario games have always been titles made available about a year or so after the console launches.

And if that pattern holds up again, I suspect we’ll be seeing the first 3D Mario game on Wii U in about November 2013.

3. Wii Sports U (or something similar)

And no, before people ask this, Nintendo Land isn’t a replacement.  I mean, it is a replacement in that it’s probably going to be the next equivalent to Wii Sports, the big fad like game that gets ‘casual’ gamers interested in the system and makes them decide it’s worth about 300 dollars if Nintendo plays their cards right…

But it also seems logical Nintendo will release their own direct sequel or sports games some time soon.  I mean, like it or not, people like sports in video game form.  They like them because they’re easy to understand and play and something you can sell to people with no interest in any other types of video games.  And hey, even without a sports game being the ‘killer app’ marketed at the console launch window, it seems likely Nintendo will try and make one available sooner or later.

Probably sooner if Nintendo Land fails due to the presentation or lack of interesting content, likely due to demands from the business/marketing side of the company.

So those are three Nintendo Wii U games I expect to see in 2013 due to past history, and I’d go far enough to actually bet they all turn out to be accurate predictions  Do you think these three games seem like they’d be likely 2013 Wii U games?


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