New Super Mario Bros U; More Artwork shows Enemies

And while the last batch of art mainly showed off Super Mario World foes like Sumo Bros and the Koopalings, this batch shows an absolute metric ton of different enemies from the game including quite a few you’d never even imagine would get official art made of them.  Here’s the new art:

For example, here’s some official art showing an Urchin enemy.  Are these usually seen as important enough enemies to get artwork made of them?

There’s also some artwork of a Thwomp, as seen above.  Judging by his facial expression, I guess he’s falling straight on top of an unfortunate plumber or toad?

Porcupuffer official art.  Not much of a surprise here, these Super Mario World derived fish monsters have been present in most new Mario games to date.

Foo artwork, which confirms this strange cloud monster is making its return from New Super Mario Bros Wii.

Some Monty Moles.

New artwork of a standard Bob-omb.  Not much to say here either, since they’re some of the most commonly found enemies in the Mario series.

Some Parabomb art.  More Super Mario World references ahoy!

Some pretty sweet artwork of a Blooper Nanny, an otherwise unremarkable Super Mario Bros 3 enemy which has made a comeback in recent Mario titles.

Munchers!  Anyone who remembers Super Mario World knows of these annoying plants, and as you should have known from the first ever screenshots, they return again in New Super Mario Bros U.

A Boo from the game.  Not sure where this artwork originally came from to be honest, I don’t remember seeing any Boos in the group art for the title.

Banzai Bills return as well.  Unfortunately, the Super Mario World homage didn’t go far enough to have them appear in the first level alongside some Rexes.

Fishbones get their own artwork now?  That’s new!

Spiny Cheeps too.  These ones seem to be the New Super Mario Bros 2 type/design which home in on Mario’s location and that never leave him alone until they die.

A Venus Fire Trap.  Hooray for extremely common Piranha Plant variant enemies!

Finally, we’ve got new artwork of a Pokey from the game.  Glad to see another staple Mario foe is making an appearance.

There you have it, about ten or so new pieces of official art showing some of the myriads of foes you’ll be battling in New Super Mario Bros U.  There’s nothing too remarkable like the Sumo Bros, nor official art of something only just confirmed to return like Thwimps or Bony Beetles, but it’s still nice to see Nintendo making official art of pretty much every staple Mario enemy in the series.


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