New Super Mario Bros U has the Propeller Cap!

With all of New Super Mario Bros Wii’s other power ups existing in this game in some form or another, you’d be fair to wonder what happened to the Propeller Cap and whether it was entirely removed to add the Super Acorn item.  After all, one flight capable item per game, right?

Well interestingly, it seems that’s incorrect.  No, New Super Mario Bros U also features the Propeller Cap as a late game/bonus item you can get from Superstar Road’s Toad Houses, with all the same powers it had in New Super Mario Bros Wii! Here’s a video from Game Explain showing it:

Apparently it’s not the only item returning as a bonus either, the Penguin Suit is supposedly obtainable in the same area.

Which seems pretty nice of Nintendo really, to let people use one of the coolest New Super Mario Bros Wii items alongside the new power ups this game introduces, even if it is only a bonus item you can get in the final world.  It’s even nicer they kept in every single New Super Mario Bros Wii item as obtainable alongside the new ones, especially given how easy it’d be to just repeat New Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 and remove some ‘unneeded’ power ups.

What do you think? Are you happy the Propeller Cap and Penguin Suit really are obtainable as items in New Super Mario Bros U and can then be used in any level in the game?


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