New Super Luigi U Will be sold as a Standalone Game

As well as downloadable content.  So if you don’t feel like waiting for the title to download or want to keep it seperate from New Super Mario Bros U, you’ll also be able to go into a shop and just buy the game straight up. The retail version also doesn’t require you to own New Super Mario Bros U to play it.  Here’s the box art for the game:

N S L U Box

Another change the game has that was revealed at today’s Nintendo Direct is that of who you can play as in multiplayer mode.  You see, to avoid overshadowing Luigi, Mario isn’t in this game in any way whatsoever. Instead, Nabbit (the character who steals items in single player) is playable!  Here are some pictures showing him in the game as a playable character:



Interestingly, he has two major differences from the other characters.  For one thing, he can’t pick up or use power ups in this title, hence doesn’t exist in Super, Fire or Flying Squirrel form.  But on the flip side, he’s also apparently invincible to all enemies and can just go through them rather than taking collision damage.  It’s a clever trade off to make if I do say so myself.



Jungle Level Ice Level

Either way, New Super Luigi U is looking far more interesting than you might expect.  A new playable character with different abilities?  All new levels with new gimmicks?  The game being purchasable standalone with New Super Mario Bros U to go with it?  This is one heck of an interesting set up Nintendo has here.

New Super Luigi U will be released as downloadable content on Jun 20th (in Europe) and as a separate game on July 26th.  In Japan the game will be out on June 19th as downloadable content and some time in July as a standalone game.


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