Luigi Wins Against Every Level 9 in Super Smash Bros 4… by doing Nothing

It’s been a trend for a while.  We’ve had Luigi win Mario Kart battles by doing nothing.  Luigi win Mario Party mini games by doing nothing.  Heck, we’ve pretty much had every possible combination of Luigi and doing nothing that you can possibly imagine by now.

But here’s… a slightly more interesting one.  Behold Luigi defeating every level 9 CPU in Super Smash Bros for Wii U by doing absolutely sod all:

So how does he do it?  Well, some will say very careful staging of the matches so the AI makes a complete fool of themselves and fails miserably in every possible respect.

But you have to wonder why they’d even make these errors.  I mean, he’s not moving.  He’s not attacking.  A Goomba walking in a straight line could theoretically take him out.

Hence why do the AI have so much difficulty with the idea?  Is it really hard to just go towards him in a relatively straight line and just punch him off a cliff?  Why do they all seem to do stupid things like go flying to the other side of the level or doing a ton of acrobatic maneuvers?  Shouldn’t test 1 of any new game be ‘if the player does nothing, make sure he can’t win’?

Ah well.  It’s an amusing enough video.  Just one that kind of shows the Smash AI for being utterly brain dead on a ton of occasions.


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