The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD Is Now on Hiatus

No, not the official one that was released a few weeks ago, the fan made one by Tomoya Hamasaki on Youtube. Here’s the announcement video mentioning it:

Oh, wait… it doesn’t work?

Yeah, that’s a slight problem. Apparently Mr Hamasaki kind of screwed up the video upload, so the ‘important message’ is completely non existent in it. But based on the comments and the about section on his Youtube profile, the message is as such:


MOVING TO TWITCH! Nintendo took down our videos. Project is still ongoing 🙂

The important message is that the project has been put on hiatus, and that it will be continued within the next year. During this year, Tomoya and the team will work on their own game. This is all due to Nintendo catching on to the project, and taking down their videos showcasing progress. Also, if you go to the main page of the project, the progress that’s already been made on it has been available for download.

Above: Messages from his Youtube profile and Youtube user FubyHD respectively.

Basically, Nintendo caught on to his project, so his videos has been removed from Youtube. Because of this, he’s leaving Youtube and moving all progres to Twitch. He’s also taking a year long break from the game so things calm down a bit and him and his team can get on with their work in peace.

Either way, if you want to play a HD version of the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, you’re probably better off playing the official one for now, since updates will be thin on the ground for the fan version going forward. Still, at least it’s not cancelled eh?


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Hahah. I really thought it was the Official one. I was wondering "how does that work?". :p It was to be expected. I bet the same fans of the project shoved it into Nintendo's face to complain why couldn't they do something like that. Anyway, it sounds like a smart move to wait the year. They just had bad luck with the timing as Nintendo did keep that remasterizacion under their sleeve for a good while. On the other hand a year and another gaming developing project can really change their situation and goals. Their own original project will have… Read more »