Hyrule Warriors; New Screenshots and Magazine Scans!

Which in case you haven’t heard, confirm Impa as another playable character in the game and show off what the main villain looks like.  Here are a few samples:

hyrule_warriors-1 hyrule_warriors_s-1 hyrule_warriors_s-2

But do you want to see more screenshots and magazine scans?  Then click the link below and keep reading, since there is a ton of awesome stuff shown in these pictures!

Let’s start with the plain old screenshots:

hyrule_warriors-1 hyrule_warriors-2 hyrule_warriors-3 hyrule_warriors-4 hyrule_warriors-5

As you can see, two new villainous characters are introduced in this game, looking rather different from pretty much anything else in the Zelda universe.  Apparently, one of them is a witch who’s turned evil due to mysterious circumstances.  What circumstances?  We don’t know yet, but I strongly suspect Ganon is involved.

Now for the scans:

hyrule_warriors_s-1 hyrule_warriors_s-2 hyrule_warriors_s-3 hyrule_warriors_s-4 hyrule_warriors_s-5

They’re all in Japan, but there are quite a few neat screenshots in there as well.  There’s also an interview, which would be absolutely fascinating to read if I spoke a single word of English.  Ah well, it’ll probably get translated sooner or later.

But what do you think?  Does Hyrule Warriors look great from these pictures?


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7 years ago

HUGE SPOILERS The translation is out. and the evil chick is jealous of Zelda cuz she likes Link who is a cadet in training.

7 years ago

I’m not sure if this matters, but the two villains kind of look like they were inspired by Veran and Onox from TLOZ: Oracle of Ages/Seasons, respectively.