Hyrule Warriors has DLC!

As per the official website, which shows a pretty clear ‘DLC’ link in the navbar for some undefined future purpose.  Here’s a picture:


Seems pretty clear to me!  Guess Nintendo and Tecmo Koei already have plans for downloadable content for this game, presumably in the form of such things as new levels, characters and equipment.  Which could be a good thing, assuming that nothing’s been cut out to save for a future release in this form.

But what do you think? Do you like the idea of Hyrule Warriors having DLC?  Does the idea of a navbar link for it prior to the game’s release make you wary?  What do you think about this feature’s inclusion in the game?


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7 years ago

Well additional costumes for Japan have been announced so probably levels and costumes; just a shame that nintendo are doing yet more pre launch DLC :/