Game & Wario is now out for Wii U!

Not that it’s exactly the most exciting game release in the world, but hey, it’s all the Wii U’s getting til August.  So if you want something that’s sort of like WarioWare (with the same characters and humour), has gotten fairly mixed reviews and that’s pretty much just Nintendo Land/Wii Play with a different coat of paint, go out and buy it!

Game and Wario US Boxart

Above: The Wii U game of the month!  Oh, this is bad…

Or I guess you could just wait until more interesting Wii U games are out later this year.  Or spend the money on Mario & Luigi Dream Team when that’s released in July.  Either one’s probably a better deal than buying this.

So there you go everyone.  Game & Wario is now out, buy it if you need something to play on your Wii U system til August.

P.S. It’s out in a few more days in Europe, but I doubt the amount of people living there who’ll actually buy it makes it worth the effort to post about it at that point in time too.


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