Game & Wario; UK TV Commercial

Ever wondered how Nintendo was going to market this game in the UK?  Well here’s your answer.  And it’s as underwhelming/unintentionally hilarious as it sounds:

Oh where to begin with this thing… that accent?  Does not work well for a commercial for any Wii U game, especially not this one.  Game & Waario?  Sorry, no one pronounces Wario’s name like that in real life. And then you’ve got his hilariously deadpan descriptions of the mini games…

You can Skiii!

You can catch thieves… on… camera.

You can even launch Froonkkss!

I’m sorry, but the way the commentator says this stuff nearly made me fall on the floor laughing more than take the ad seriously.  The voice just does not, fit, this game, in any way whatsoever.  It’s almost like the commentator from Big Brother is doing Nintendo commercial voice overs now…

And there’s the first UK Game & Wario ad for you.  Not ‘terrible’ in the traditional sense, but with very questionable voice over/commentary and with it giving you no real major incentive to buy the title.

What do you think of this Game & Wario ad?


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