Game & Wario; E3 Related Stuff

Another game that Nintendo are promoting at E3 this year is Game & Wario, a  new WarioWare title that has a certain number of longer mini games and is due to be released in under a month.  They’ve posted about it on the official site, sent out a press release and pack that all those news sites are going to be posting sometime in the future, and have done a bunch of other stuff… so let’s look at what’s being discussed in their official material.  Are you ready for some amazing screenshots and artwork meant to promote this game?

Are you?

Good, because there aren’t any.  Information wise, the press release and page on the E3 site gives away absolutely nothing we haven’t known for months.  Oh wait, it gives out less than we’ve known for months, since it only focuses on four games that were revealed sometime last year.  The games?  Pirates, Shutter, Disco and Gamer.  The games shown in the pictures?  Island, Kung Fu and something I can’t remember the name of.  Oh, there is some artwork here, but don’t expect anything original or new, or even anything from a more recently revealed mini game.  Nothing showing Mike, Fronk or Ashley here, just the usual artwork posted about three months before the official site went live.

Game & Wario screen

Above: Nintendo’s still marketing the game based on this very image.

Either way, I’m not even going to post the material here.  I mean, what’s the point?  It’s all been posted on this site weeks before Nintendo mentioned it on their E3 site, and I heavily doubt anyone would even care to look at said pictures or read said information. Heck, the game’s already out in Japan, you may as well watch anything you’re unsure about on Youtube or something.

So that’s my rant about Game & Wario and E3. Next up, some interesting material for Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze!


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