Game and Wario; Nintendo Direct Footage and Information

As I suspected yesterday, Game and Wario was shown at today’s Nintendo Direct events in the form of  a new trailer.  So here’s the Game and Wario presentation from today’s European Nintendo Direct:

There’s not much that is already shown on the Japanese website, but it does have some neat footage of the game’s cut scenes in there as well.

But that’s not all that’s happened as far as this game goes.  Nope, Nintendo has also translated the Iwata Asks interview for the game, which can be found at one of these two addresses:–749777.html

They’ve also began to launch the official US website for the game.  This can be found here:

Either way, there’s plenty of new Game and Wario footage available now, and it seems like Nintendo is actually going to be promoting the game a bit soon.  What did you think of the Game and Wario trailer from today’s Nintendo Direct, or the now translated Iwata Asks interview for the game?


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