Game and Wario; Music Samples

Excited for Game and Wario when it launches this June? Well perhaps this might make you even more so.  Yes, it’s the three pieces of music used in the mini game ‘Ashley’ (starring the character of the same name).  Here’s the music to listen to:

And here’s the download links:

It’s not the best music ever (and to be perfectly honest, isn’t a scratch on anything from the likes of an actual Wario platformer like the Wario Land series), but it’s still pretty catchy given the light tone and the party like musical style.  And it even remixes portions of the character’s theme song from WarioWare Touched and WarioWare Smooth Moves with some ominous latin chanting.

So enjoy it Game and Wario fans, it’s literally the only music from the game I can find online at this point in time.


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