Game and Wario Has some Neat Arcade Style Title Screens

They’re completely detached from the normal visual style of the game or WarioWare franchise, but they still look pretty cool regardless.  Indeed, they kind of make me nostalgic for the days when things like video game box art, title screens and arcade machine art renders had absolutely nothing to do with what was actually going on in game and did their very best to look ridiculously over the top.  Here are the title screens for Game and Wario’s various mini games:

Arrow Ashley Bowling Design Gamer KungFu Patchwork Pirates Shutter Ski Taxi

Above: None of these pay any resemblance to the mini games themselves.  But they’re still kind of neat regardless.

Also, do you know what else they remind me of?  Those old video game ads that tried so desperately to make the likes of Mario Kart and Kirby appear ‘totally radical’.  Like this one:

Above: Mario Kart 64 as if was an action anime series

Still, it’s nice to see that something in Game and Wario has the quirky charm of the older WarioWare titles, as well as to see some ridiculous Game and Watch style concept art takes on the WarioWare cast.  What do you think of the different title images used in Game and Wario?


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7 years ago

I heard the game is not worth is. Like not even $40 worth it.