Extremely Vague Wii U Rumour Hints at New Game

And if you thought all these rumours were vague and rather useless before this, this one makes even those look detailed.  To put it simply, this French gaming journalist says he’s aware of an ‘unannounced third party Wii U game coming in 2014’.

More?  Nope.  That’s it.  It’s just ‘an unannounced third party Wii U title coming in 2014’.

He also apparently hints it’s a bit like Bayonetta 2 but with a different license, which doesn’t really make the speculation any more specific.

So hey, is he actually on to something? What magical third party Wii U game will be announced in 2014 with a style similar to Bayonetta 2?




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7 years ago

there was word of a bayonetta spinoff idea a few months ago, although i doubt it has anything to do with this. it was essentially about her life as a teacher.