European Game & Wario Box Art Revealed

It’s not particularly different from the US or Japanese box art, but there are a few minor differences.  Can you spot them?

Game and Wario EU Boxart

The first thing you’ll notice is that instead of blue, the box art is in yellow.  Not sure why this is, maybe it’s yet another example of the WarioWare games randomly changing the colour of their boxes in different regions (like how WarioWare Touched comes in an orange box in the US and a yellow box in Europe).

It also lacks the subtitle underneath that the US version added.  Not a bad thing, the US subtitle made very little sense and was near enough completely unreadable, so getting rid of it was probably a good thing.

Either way, there’s the box art for Game and Wario in Europe.  Like it?  Dislike it?  Post your thoughts either as a comment below or at Nintendo 3DS Community today!


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