Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze; More Info

Most of which apparently comes from the latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine UK, but don’t quote me on that point.  Read on to see each and every point, as well as my (somewhat) detailed analysises of them!

– most levels take around 10 minutes to complete on your first attempt

This could be either be really impressive (Endless World of Yoshis from Yoshi’s Island takes about 8 minutes in a tool assisted speedrun) or really disappointing, depending on what they mean by ‘first attempt’ and whether the levels take that long from difficulty alone or because of actual content.

– Stage 3-3 Frantic Field is set against a hurricane, with small tornadoes, and lightning as obstacles. Eventually you reach the eye of the storm.

That sounds absolutely awesome.  Donkey Kong Country games were always known for awesome weather and environment effects that played a big part in the level:

And this one sounds even better than the above.  Indeed, from the sound of ‘lightning being a level gimmick’, then it could well be an interesting mix of Snow Barrel Blast and Lightning Lookout in setup.

– The stage after is set in a forest, with sections on fire due to the previous level’s lightning. You need to use watery fruit to put out vine fires in order to progress.

Very nice attention to detail with level themes merging into one another like that.  Indeed, I alwayss did love how every level in Returns seemingly began where the last one left off.

– tag barrels ala Donkey Kong 64

Sounds cool I guess.  I haven’t played Donkey Kong 64, so I’ll just assume this is a good thing.

– multiple routes to take in levels

Sounds great, so long as they lead to secret exits.  Always loved it when platformers have those.

– three secret levels per world

Even better!  In fact, did Donkey Kong Country ever have multiple secret levels in a single area?  I don’t think it did, which makes this a nice step forward for the game formula.

– Time Attack returns, but you can select which character’s DK barrels will appear

That’s useful.  Although a mode where you get to only play as Diddy, Dixie or Cranky would be even better.

– upload times and full replays to show friends

Sounds cool.  I hope there’s support for exporting these to Youtube though,  I never liked being locked into game specific services, and I’d love to post them on this site here.

– more emphasis on the background, which is constantly moving

Sounds good, but I don’t think this is much of a new thing.  Returns already did it very well.

– the background will sometimes provides hints to what you’re going to encounter next

See above.  Remember Crowded Cavern, and how that giant bat followed you in both the background and foreground?  Yeah, I guess that’s the sort of thing they mean.  Or what happened with the octopus in Stormy Shore.

– the team wishes they could have done more with the animal buddies.

So in other words, they’re likely confirmed as being in the game then?  Because ‘done more’ sounds like it means they used the animal buddies, but not quite enough.

It also brings hope that a potential sequel might use them even more.

– Kelbaugh mentions that there was something from A Link to the Past that the team wanted to do, but couldn’t, and used it in Link’s Awakening instead. This was the ending of LA when the egg opens

I don’t see how that’s relevant, or how it’d fit into A Link to the Past, but oh well.

– 6-6 Cliffside Slide, “like jumping right into the middle of an action movie”, is a silhouette level

Sounds great.  Especially given how impressive silhouette levels have always been.

Tropical Freeze Screen New 6082.WiiU_DKCTF_GI_Scrn_15.jpg-610x0
– 4-4 Irate Eight, an underwater level which sounds like the giant octopus from DKCR is back

Squiddicus?  I think that was his name.

– 3-3 Frantic Field has a bit of comedy.

Could be interesting. Donkey Kong Country did always have a bit of a comedic feel in the SNES games after all…

Indeed, given how well Nintendo games tend to pull off humour (Mario RPGs, Wario series, etc), this could be pretty good.

– World 4 is made of only underwater levels

This however, seems a bit disappointing.  Is world 4 being all ‘gimmick’ levels now a thing for the series?  Why have an entire world devoted to a certain gameplay mechanic like in this game and Returns?  Seems like a good way to make people sick of it, especially given how many people started hating Rocket Barrels and Mine Carts after Returns.

– 4-4 and 3-6 Cannon Canyon feature dynamic 3D camera movement.


– animation quality is improved over DKCR

Well, this is obvious.  I mean, it’s not exactly gonna get worse, is it?

– difficulty of TF hasn’t been lowered, but there are added features that will give casual players an easier time

So like the 3DS port.  I’m fine with that.

– Miyamoto told Retro, when first working on DKCR: “This is my baby. Don’t mess it up.”

Nice to know, although Retro hasn’t messed up at all yet.  I don’t think there was much chance they were ever going to.

– Kelbaugh and Tanabe both worked on DKC, with Tanabe on the Japanese localization, but never met.

Small world eh?

– Ten years later Tanabe met Kelbaugh, when he became president of Retro. He saw that Kelbaugh had a DKC jacket, and they learned that they both worked on DKC.

See above.

– when they both started on DKCR, Michael gave DKCR the codename F8 – fate.

Nice, although I’ve definitely heard this story before.

– Retro was working on Mario Kart 7 and TF at the same time

Not surprising.  Helping with a Mario Kart game and working on a new one are not exactly things that are difficult to multitask between.

– Tanabe and his team at SPD is Retro’s primary contact at Nintendo

Yay I guess?

– If they found themselves on Kong Island Kelbaugh would team up with Diddy, and Tanabe with Donkey Kong, so that he could be carried around

Ha ha.  Personally, if I ever found myself on Donkey Kong Island, I’d be a bit worried about the giant bees, other killer animals, brambles and blasting from barrel cannons.  But maybe that’s just me being a coward.

So all in all, lots of interesting information to be found there, right? Hopefully it’s enough to make even the most die hard Tropical Freeze skeptics realise how amazing the game will probably be when it’s finally released in February this year.


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