Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze; Even MORE New Information!

Because if you thought the stuff from Nintendo Direct looked awesome, you haven’t seen anything yet!  So here it is, some more interesting screenshots, information, artwork and videos showing Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and all its fantastic gameplay!

First up, here’s the game intro:

As you can tell, the music is absolutely amazing throughout.  You’ve got a great remix of DK Island Swing playing as DK and crew celebrate his birthday in the treehouse, the menacing Snowmad leader’s theme that plays as he starts the attack… heck, you’ve even got a rather sweet ice/christmas like tune played right at the end!

There’s also some more footage of various levels, which can be seen here:

Absolutely stunning.  The graphics look amazing and capture the feel perfectly, the original tunes match everything on screen as well as they possibly could… there’s nothing more to be said.

We also have some artwork of the game:

Bear Boss

Here’s the awesome looking bear boss from the game.  The one who tries to kill the Kongs with a giant spiky mallet and who actually looks like he’s out of a nature documentary to boot.

Seal Boss

And here’s the seal you fight in world 1.  Looks pretty nifty.

Snowmad Leader pic

The Snowmad Leader, who looks unmistakenly like a Walrus.  Love the shadow effect though, the way it keeps his face hidden definitely makes him more imposing.

Next up, some screenshots.  Pretty good ones too…

Cranky Kong level end

Cranky Kong ends a level in style by whacking the goal barrel with his fist.

Cranky Kong Pow

DK and Cranky team up for a Kong Pow attack!


An autumn forest area, with a strange fire breathing pig like animal.


DK and Dixie navigate some spikes in the same area.  Jeez guys, of all the paths you COULD have taken, you took the most dangerous one?

Autumn Forest

Yet more of the amazing looking autumn forest.  Oh hey, there’s grass you can cling to and climb to the top left of the screen!

Waterfall cliffs

An area with tree tops, cliffs and waterfalls.  Good grief, this game has an absolute TON of beautiful looking locations, doesn’t it?  Damn, every level seems to have its own superbly detailed backdrop!


DK and Cranky climbing some vines in a jungle area.  Got to have vines in a Donkey Kong game, it’s the ‘law’.


More of the bramble level. You can apparently defeat these man eating plants by bouncing on them with Cranky Kong’s cane, which is cool.

And now, some other stuff.  Game Explain does a preview of the game here:

IGN shows off Homecoming Hijinx, a new level:

Seems like the game remixes some Donkey Kong Country 2 music too, I swear that theme is familiar. Oh wait, it’s a remix of K Rool’s return theme!

Perhaps it’s hinting at the return of a familiar foe as a plot twist?

They also apparently say the pig is called ‘Professor Chops’. Nice name.

IGN also played Bramble Scramble and Jelly Jamboree, which can be seen below:

And GameExplain has more footage of the wildfire level, named ‘Scorch and Torch’:

They also confirm that Funky runs the item shop and that David Wise composed every song in the game…

As well as world names:

Lost Mangroves, Autumn Heights, Bright Savannah, Seabreeze Cave and Juicy Jungle. Much better names than Returns’ boring ‘Jungle’ and ‘Beach’.

And some other random info:

  • Cranky cracks enemies with his cane via a downward smack, rather than golf swing
  • some stages let you choose characters via a barrel that switches character indicators
  • Kong POW moves: If Diddy is the partner, enemies turn to 1-up balloons
  • Kong POW moves: Dixie’s bonus is yellow hearts, each of which adds an extra hit points
  • Kong POW moves: – Cranky turns enemies into coins
  • Jelly Jamboree is the fifth level of the fifth world, Juicy Jungle
  • features Off-TV play
  • when playing on TV, the GamePad will go dark to save battery
  • can play with just sideways Wiimote as well

All in all, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is looking better and better. With great music, some really interesting level design and a cast of almost perfect characters, the game really does seem like it’ll be the best 2D platformer of the entire generation.

Game of the Year guaranteed?


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8 years ago

Holy shit this news has me pumped for the game! I do really hope K. Rool turns up in the game somehow someway.