Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Box Art!

Want to know what the box for DK’s latest adventure looks like?  Well here you go then, since Nintendo has finally posted the box art for the game online:


Above: Click for a much larger picture of the box

Personally, I’m not sure about this box art myself.  On the one hand, it looks pretty damn ‘interesting’ compared to the overly plain box designs for three quarters of Nintendo’s recent titles.  But on the other hand… did they really have to emphasise that damn ‘toothy grin’?  That is kind of the one thing about DK (other than the voice) that an awful lot of Donkey Kong fans really don’t like too much…

Oh well, it looks great anyway.  Far better than another plain white box with barely any decoration on it.  And hey, Dixie Kong makes the front cover again!

What do you think of this box art?


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Cole Holbrook
Cole Holbrook
8 years ago

I love the cover! Too bad that 4th character is kind of shunned. If I were them I would be like “What the heck?! WHY AM I NOT ON THE COVER?!” And I would just like to say that Mario Party for 3DS (Island Tour) was FINALLY talked about again!

Sammy Thomas
Sammy Thomas
8 years ago

I’m not gonna lie, this is some great boxart. I will definitely get this game when I have the chance!