Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze; Awesome Music Samples!

Straight from the Japanese official site too, and without any sound effects at all!  Best of all, they’re very much up to the same quality as the music from the SNES trilogy, and are every bit as catchy as likes of Stickerbrush Symphony and Jungle Hijinx!  So keep reading to hear these latest musical masterpieces for yourself…

Mangrove Theme

A pleasant tropical sounding track just perfect for those world 1 mangrove swamp levels.  The perfect song to play on your summer vacations!

Alps Fall

A mountain track that’s ideal for those trips through North European mountain ranges (and frantic Mario Kart 7 games on Rock Rock Mountain).  Very upbeat too, which helps immensely.

Ocean Theme (Aquatic Ambience Returns)

The inevitable SNES music remix that everyone expected, this chilling remaster of Donkey Kong Country 1’s Aquatic Ambience theme is absolutely perfect for those underwater levels that Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is introducing.

Sample 2

Another beach style track used for something.  Not sure what.  Sounds catchy though!

Frozen Viking Island (Snowmad Theme)

The inevitable badass villain leitmotif of the game, this ominous tune works perfectly for the cutscenes showing the Snowmad invasion of Donkey Kong Island.  It’s very pirate like too (giving an almost Pirates of the Caribbean style vibe), which makes it almost sound like a song you’d want to hear in Donkey Kong Country 2.  Plus, there’s even some ominous latin chanting for effect!

You can download all the above tracks here:

I honestly recommend you listen to all of them, they are some of the best pieces of music found in a Nintendo game in a long time. And that’s kind of saying something really, given the stiff competition this game is up against on the music front.

What do you think of these Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze songs?


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