Cranky Kong On Nintendo of America’s Twitter Channel?

Well, apparently so, since Nintendo of America are holding an event on February 20th where Cranky Kong will be in charge of their Twitter account and answer any questions tagged with #CrankyKong.  Should be pretty interesting given the somewhat humorous way the character is written in the Donkey Kong Country series games and instruction manuals.

Here’s the Twitter post about it:

So yeah, this is apparently a thing that’ll happen. And do you know what? I’m kind of happy about it. I mean, if you’re gonna have any fictional character comment on your social media profiles, you may as well have the most cynical bastard in gaming history do it.


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7 years ago

Remember when you would visit Cranky in the DK country games and he would be like, “What? You still haven’t beaten the game yet? Why back in my day I beat the entire game with just 1 life!” Lol good times… This is still pretty awesome though! I kinda want a Wario Q&A one now 😀