WarioWare Gold is Coming to the Nintendo 3DS!

It’s been a long time coming hasn’t it? Indeed, ever since the 3DS was first announced back in 2011, people have constantly wondered about the possibility of a WarioWare game for the system. After all, it’s got the touch screen and microphone. It’s got the gyro sensor and camera.

Heck, it’s basically got every control scheme the series has ever used. And when you couple that with 3D and AR functionality, it pretty much means the 3DS is the perfect WarioWare machine. The ideal next step for the franchise.

Alas, for years it wasn’t to be. Directs came and went. E3 presentations were hyped, aired and forgotten about. And yet despite all that, no Wario games were forthcoming. It got so bad the fans basically gave up on the franchise.

However, that’s all now gone and changed. Why? Because just a few minutes ago, Nintendo finally announced it.

WarioWare Gold is a brand new WarioWare game for the Nintendo 3DS.

A classic WarioWare game with gameplay styles influenced by all the past installments, this new edition in the series has new storylines, 300 new microgames and all the trimmings you’d expect from another title in the fantastic franchise.

It’s basically the game Wario fans have dreamed about for years.

So, check out the trailer for it if you haven’t already:

And go and discuss the title over on Wario Forums today.

Because if this is anything like past titles, WarioWare Gold will be a fantastic game, and another good game to get when it launches on 3DS in August this year.

Thanks for finally announcing a new Wario game Nintendo!


WarioWare Gold Announced (Wario Forums)


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