Wario Land 4’s Soundtrack is Getting a HD Remake!

When it comes to video game music projects, the usual names tend to show up. Super Mario Bros gets an orchestra. The Legend of Zelda gets the Symphony of the Goddesses and all manner of fan made projects. Pokemon has Pokemon Reorchestrated. Heck, even the Donkey Kong Country games and Mario & Luigi RPGs are getting soundtrack remakes now!

But up until now, there’s not much out there for Wario fans. Oh sure, you can find the odd remix on Youtube or Soundcloud. And if you’re really lucky, Nintendo will throw you in a bone in Super Smash Bros or a Mario spinoff. Yet none of the Wario Land games got the full music project treatment.

Until now. Here are some samples from BlueJackG’s Wario Land 4 HD Album project:

Want more? Well, you’re in luck for once! Because this guy is redoing every single song and sound effect in the game in ‘HD’ quality! The intro, the ending, the level and boss songs… it’s all there. Heck, as you can see in the topic, even sound room CDs are getting redone! Here’s the topic link:

The Wario Land 4 HD Album Project

As you can see, there’s a lot of great songs there. And new ones are literally being uploaded every few hours or so. Seriously, the whole project was only started in late April, and yet he’s got through most of the game’s soundtrack!

So if you’re a dedicated Wario fan, you need to start listening to these remade songs! Because they are absolutely amazing, and will make you want a Wario Land 4 remake right this minute!


The Wario Land 4 HD Album Project – Wario Forums


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5 years ago

I hope this creates enough interest to make a new game.

5 years ago

[QUOTE="Demon_skeith, post: 140692, member: 53"]I hope this creates enough interest to make a new game.[/QUOTE]

Same here, I'd like a Wario Land 5 for Nintendo 3DS.