VR References Found in Nintendo Switch Code!

In the last few years, Virtual Reality is getting more popular in the gaming industry. You’ve got the Oculus Rift and Vive which provide support for playing PC games in VR. There are various mobile based sets like the Samsung Gear for smartphone games. And well, with the PlayStation 4 having its own PSVR headset, it’s quite clear Virtual Reality gaming is here to say.

But it seems like Nintendo isn’t out of the loop here! Oh no, as found by dataminer Cody Brocious, the Nintendo Switch has references to VR in its code too! These references exist in the console’s IPC interfaces, and can be seen in his tweet below:

As you can tell, it clearly references a VR Mode, with lines having references to IsVRModeEnabled and SetVRModeEnabled respectively. So, there’s clear hints towards VR here.

But what does it all mean? Does it hint that the Nintendo Switch could be getting VR support at some point?

Maybe, though there are other possibilities too. For starters, it could be something Nintendo tried in the past. Perhaps Nintendo considered VR in development, and dropped it later. That would be one plausible reason why VR references exist there.

Equally likely is that it’s there for future scenarios. Nintendo might not have plans to use the code now, but may have left it in for future reference. Like say, if VR becomes hugely popular in the next year or two. Code like this would provide a way to retrofit the console with that support, along with an update expanding on the features needed.

Or it could be exactly what people think it is. Proof that Nintendo is considering VR and plan to release some accessory that lets the Switch work with it. Really, anything’s possible here.

But still, what do you think? Could this be evidence the Switch may be getting VR functionality at some point?

Post your thoughts here in the comments or on social media today!


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5 years ago

Impressive ability to turn a 12-word tweet into 9 paragraphs of speculation.