Ubisoft Talking to Netflix about TV Series

Because in a recent statement, head of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot reiterated his desire to keep the company independent, and mentioned they were talking with Netflix about a series.

But what is said series?

Well, it could be any number of things really. Remember, Ubisoft has quite the portfolio as far as video game franchises are concerned. They own the Rayman series, the Assassin’s Creed series, the Beyond Good and Evil series and the Prince of Persia series, among other things.

So in theory, any of those could be the basis for a Netflix series. As could any number of others mentioned here on their Wikipedia page:

List of Ubisoft games – Wikipedia

Heck, it could even be a new franchise they’re working on. After all, nothing says they can’t be launching a new video game series with a TV show to go with it.

But they’re working on some sort of series none the less.

So what do you think? Are you interested in a new TV series based on a Ubisoft franchise? And if so, what one do you think is most likely to get an adaptation?


Ubisoft CEO reiterates desire to keep group independent, eyes Netflix series (Reuters)


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