Ubisoft Shows New Trailer for Mario + Rabbids Donkey Kong Adventure DLC

Donkey Kong Adventure Artwork

Earlier this year, Ubisoft announced that Donkey Kong would be coming to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. More accurately, he’d be coming as part of a new DLC pack that added a new campaign and options to the title, all themed after the Donkey Kong Country series.

And now, they’ve just gone and released a new trailer for said DLC. Yep, as seen on their Twitter page, here is the latest trailer for the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC pack for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle:

As you can tell, it looks pretty good. You’ve got two new characters in the form of DK and Rabbid Cranky, four new areas to explore, musical remixes based on Donkey Kong 64 and various other things that’ll make Donkey Kong Country fans very happy indeed.

What’s more, it also adds a few new mechanical twists too. For instance, Donkey Kong can throw enemies and cover around the map to take out his foes, as well as pull Rabbid ears from the ground to pre-actively strike reinforcements. It’s a neat set of additions and adds to the original game without overhauling it completely or what not.

So yeah, this is definitely one to check out for any Mario + Rabbids fans out there!


Mario + Rabbids Donkey Kong Adventure Video (Ubisoft Twitter Post)


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