Ubisoft Asked for Beyond Good and Evil 2 Article to be Removed?

Yes really. They asked the people at Destructoid to remove an article about a possible Beyond Good and Evil sequel, heavily hinting that such a game is in development. It can apparently be heard about 5 or 6 minutes in the podcast linked here:

The Destructoid UK Podcast – Episode 37

So yeah, seems like something might happening on the Beyond Good and Evil sequel front, since companies never usually comment on completely unsubstantiated rumours. What’s more, it might be a Nintendo NX game, based on the latest rumours going around…

But what do you think? Is this evidence that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is being made and will actually be a thing or some point? Or is there another reason that a company would ask for an article about a random rumour to be removed from a video game news site?


NeoGaf Post About Rumour (Archived)


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4 years ago

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was already confirmed to be in development years ago, but there haven’t been many details other than it possibly being on 8th generation consoles.