A Trilogy of Tetris Movies?

A fair while back, there was talk online of a movie based on Tetris. You know, that block puzzle game from the Game Boy days, with the catchy theme music.

But things got a bit quiet on that front. After all, how can make a movie based on Tetris? It’s a puzzle game with no story or characters whatsoever. It’s literally the least viable video game adaptation in history! So surely it’s cancelled, right?

Above: Though this historical song is quite catchy

Well no. Apparently, we’re still getting a Tetris movie. But that’s not all. Oh no, we might also be getting…

A full trilogy of Tetris movies.

Yes, you heard that right. Not only is there still going to be a Tetris movie, but it’s being billed as the first part of a trilogy.

Apparently it’s an $80 million China-US co-production, that’s being handled by Threshold Global Studios. This company is formed by Bruno Wu and producer Larry Kasanoff. You know, the guy involved in those Mortal Kombat movies? Yeah, him. He’s apparently involved in this one too.

They’ve been working with The Tetris Company, plan to start filming in China (and other locations) in 2017 and are billing the movie as a ‘sci-fi thriller’. So not only do we have a concept that’s got no real plot to speak of, but a premise completely at odds with it and a a company/director involved in such masterpieces as Mortal Kombat and Foodfight! Yeah, the one that people like to call one of the worst animated films of all time. This mess:

Above: And that doesn’t even feature the horrors of ‘Mr Clipboard’..

That’s not exactly going to be inspire any confidence in the concept, is it? Someone with the track record of Christopher Nolan would struggle with a Tetris movie, the guys behind some Mortal Kombat films, theme park rides and Foodfight aren’t gonna stand a chance. Still, got to give it some credit. It’s going to make one hell of a Nostalgia Critic episode in a couple of years time!

But what do you think? Is there a good chance that this Tetris movie could be anywhere near decent? Or is this basically dead in the water already?


Live Action Tetris Movie Takes Shape With 80 Million in Funding – Ars Technica


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To be fair, the version of Foodfight! that came out was horribly underfunded because the original version of the movie was stolen, and it had to be recreated from scratch.


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How does this guy have money? He wasted $45 million on Foodfight, which was one of the biggest animated flops of all time. Who thought, "Yeah, we'll give our money to this guy. He'll make a great movie." It's going to end badly.