Super Mario Run; New Trailer!

Yesterday, Super Mario Run was featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Yet as neat as that presentation of the game was, it wasn’t the only new footage of the title we saw. Oh no, Nintendo also decided to post a new trailer for it online, which showed off a few very interesting additions to the games…

Here it is:

As you can see, only a few minutes in, and we’ve already got something interesting in the enemy line up. Namely, these guys:

Yeah, you saw it right. Ninjis are enemies in Super Mario Run! Surprised? So are we, given how they’ve been relegated to spinoff games ever since Super Mario World on the SNES. Either way, it’s nice to see them here as well.

And that’s not the only interesting addition. Oh no, look at these backgrounds a minute. Do you notice anything?

Like, how they’re more than a tad different from New Super Mario Bros U? Yeah, it’s mostly a graphical downgrade, but it’s a welcome change none the less.

Finally, we get the biggest, most important extra feature. More playable characters!

Oh yes, Luigi, Yoshi and Toad are also playable in this title! They’re unlocked by placing certain objects in the Kingdom Builder mode, and each have their own powers and abilities. So hey, if you want to blast through the Mushroom Kingdom as someone other than Mario, that’s possible too.

There’s also an amusing live action trailer too:

Yeah, no new content here, but it’s certainly an enjoyable enough looking way to promote the game.

And so that’s the latest info about Super Mario Run. It’s got lots of content, some nice changes in aesthetics and a decent variety of game modes to try, and hence looks to be 100% worth the download when it’s released this December.

But what do you think? Is Nintendo onto a winner with this one?


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