Super Mario Odyssey: Your Questions Answered!

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With Super Mario Odyssey just a week away, it’s likely a lot of Nintendo fans have some burning questions about the title. After all, this is a massive game, and there are a ton of possibilities thanks to the new capture mechanic. Can you capture Bowser? Are the levels all as big as New Donk City? These questions and more haven’t really been answered in the Nintendo Directs or other trailers for the title, and they’re all ones Nintendo fans likely above it.

Fortunately for them then, we’ve got all the answers! So, if you’re confused about any of Super Mario Odyssey (or just have a few niggling doubts that need clearing up before it’s released), read on!


How many kingdoms are there in Super Mario Odyssey?

At least 17. If you want to know what they are, keep reading. If you don’t, skip ahead to the next question via this link.

  1. Mushroom Kingdom
  2. Cap Kingdom
  3. Cascade Kingdom
  4. Sand Kingdom
  5. Lake Kingdom
  6. Wooded Kingdom
  7. Cloud Kingdom
  8. Lost Kingdom
  9. Metro Kingdom
  10. Snow Kingdom
  11. Seaside Kingdom
  12. Luncheon Kingdom
  13. Ruined Kingdom
  14. Bowser’s Kingdom
  15. Moon Kingdom
  16. Dark Side of the Moon
  17. Darker Side of the Moon

If you’re wondering exactly what the last two are (and why their names are so odd), that’s the answer to a later question. Either way, there are at least 17 kingdoms we know about so far, with others potentially being revealed in the postgame.

How big are these kingdoms?

It really depends on the kingdom in question. Some (like the Sand Kingdom and Metro Kingdom) are massive and have around 60-70 Power Moons each. Some are smaller, with about 30 Power Moons each (the Cascade Kingdom and Cap Kingdom are examples of this). And a few others are simple areas with a few Power Moons each. Usually the levels specifically meant for boss battles, like the Cloud Kingdom and Ruined Kingdom.

Cap Kingdom

So overall, it depends on the kingdom and its design.

Is the Metro Kingdom the game’s hub world?

No. It’s just a normal level. The nearest thing to a hub in Super Mario Odyssey is the Odyssey itself, and even that’s simply more a way of getting between levels than an area you can explore.

How do you progress between kingdoms?

By collecting Power Moons to power up the Odyssey. However, you’ll also need to complete a few story missions to move on too, usually in the form of boss battles offering Multi Moons at the end.

Is the Mushroom Kingdom explorable?

Yes, it’s a full kingdom in of itself. However, you can only access it in full once you’ve beaten the final boss battle.

Mushroom Kingdom

Is the Moon the final level?

Yep. However, only one of the three kingdoms found there (the Moon Kingdom) can be explored before completing the final battle.

Moon Kingdom

How does the day/night cycle work?

It changes based on which story related Moons you’ve collected. So, for instance, you start the Metro Kingdom at night, and then get to explore in the day once you’ve beaten the Mecha Wiggler boss.

Story and Characters

Is Luigi playable?

We don’t know. However, based on the Luigi costume you can buy in shops, it’s likely he’s not present as a playable character here either.

Cap Kingdom Peach

More Costumes

How about Yoshi?

He’s in the game, and he can be captured by Mario. So yes, you can play as Yoshi.

How many times is Bowser battled?

Twice. Once in the Cloud Kingdom, once in the Moon Kingdom.

What about the Broodals?

They’re fought two or three times in the main adventure, and then an extra time in the Dark Side level in the postgame.

Can you capture and play as Bowser?

Yes, you can.

Are you able to rebattle bosses?

Yes. You can rebattle them by jumping into the paintings found in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Boss Rematch Painting

However, these aren’t the normal bosses. Instead, they’re powered up versions with new attacks, faster attack patterns and other differences, sort of like the X bosses in the Mario & Luigi series.

Who runs the Crazy Cap shops?

It depends on the kingdoms. From what we know:

  • New Donkers (humans): They run the shops in the Metro Kingdom and Bowser’s Kingdom
  • Tostarenans: Run the shop in the Sand Kingdom
  • Steam Gardeners: Are the shopkeepers in the Wooded Kingdom
  • Volbonans: Act as shopkeepers in the Luncheon Kingdom
  • Shiverians: Run the shop in the Snow Kingdom
  • Hat Ghosts (ala Cappy and co): Run the shops in the Cap Kingdom and Cascade Kingdom
  • Bubblainians: Are in charge of the shop in the Seaside Kingdom
  • Lochladies: Run the shop in the Lake Kingdom
  • Toads: Run the shop in the Moon Kingdom and (probably) the Mushroom Kingdom

Other shopkeepers are unknown (though the Ruined Kingdom doesn’t have a shop at all).

Is Bowser’s hat alive?

Not as far as we know. Unlike Cappy and Tiara (who act as Mario and Peach’s headwear respectively), Bowser’s hat seems to just be a ‘normal’ hat.

Well, normal in as much as a spiky hat that can turn into a mech can be counted as normal anyway.

Who does Peach marry?

No one. She turns down both Mario and Bowser.

Do any interesting NPCs return?

Pauline, Captain Toad, the Toad Brigade, Toadette, Yoshi and Poochy all make appearances in this game.

Poochy Appearance

Game Mechanics

How much health does Mario have?

3 by default. It goes up to 6 when he collects a special item.

What happens if he dies?

Mario loses 10 coins, then reappears in the level.

And if he has no coins left?

He reappears at the last door he walked through.

How difficult is Super Mario Odyssey?

Not that difficult. It’s likely a bit harder than the previous 3D Mario games (whose bosses were incredibly easy by comparison), but you won’t be struggling as much as in Dark Souls or Cuphead here.

Is this game comparable to Dark Souls?

Not unless you’re a video game journalist. Or are describing the Lord of Lightning dragon boss.

Lord of Lightning Boss

So how long does it take to complete it?

It’s taken a mediocre gamer (the guy running one of the streams) about 25-30 hours to get to the end. So probably between 10-50 hours based on how good you are at Mario games.

Is there a super difficult secret final level?

Yes, and that’s all we’ll say about it.

How do costumes work?

For the most part, they’re entirely aesthetic and offer no new gameplay additions.

However, some of them are used as keys to enter certain areas, like how the chef hat is needed to enter a shop in the Luncheon Kingdom and the Samurai Outfit is needed to enter a shop in the Bowser Kingdom.

How do you get them?

You buy most of them, though amiibo and certain in-game challenges can unlock others.

In the screenshots and videos, it seems this game has both gold coins and purple coins. What’s the difference?

Gold coins are universal, and can be spent in any kingdom. Purple coins are regional and can only be spent in the kingdom they’re found in.

That’s why one side of the Crazy Cap shop is purple and the other side is gold. Cause each shopkeeper sells separate items, and can only accept a certain type of currency.

Crazy Cap Shop

Can you buy other stuff there?

Yeah, stickers for the Odyssey, items to decorate it and one Power Moon per kingdom.

Oh, how many Power Moons are there anyway?

Hard to say at the moment. We know of 866 so far, and there may be others based on things the streamers have missed at the moment.

What do paintings do?

Bring you to closed off, otherwise unreachable areas in kingdoms you can’t access yet. Likely to give you a taste of what’s coming up later.

How many objects can be captured?

52 of them.

In other words, most enemies and characters with interesting abilities can be captured here.

Miscellaneous Stuff

When will reviews start going up?

On the day before release.

Are there console bundles available for this game?

Yes. They give you a Switch, the game, and various bits of merchandise like amiibo and a Mario cap.

Super Mario Odyssey Bundle

How does it compare to other Mario games?

It’s significantly longer than all the others, with the Power Moon count utterly dwarfing the Power Star/Shine Sprite count in the earlier titles. Add larger levels, more complex boss fights, better graphics and music and far more references to past games and well…

It’s quite clear Super Mario Odyssey is miles ahead of any of them.

Why is Edge’s review getting criticised by certain outlets?

Because it’s been published earlier than any others, so certain people think that means Nintendo and the magazine came to an agreement to give the game a perfect score.

However, that’s not the case. Print reviews do get published first, since they have to take into consideration the time between the magazine going to print and the finished product reaching newsagents.

And why are GamerGate folk so annoyed about the game?

They’re not.

Finally, when will your review be up?

Probably on the game’s release day, or slightly later. Depends how long it takes me to experience enough of the game to write an informed review about it.


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