Super Mario Odyssey: Tons of New Screenshots and Artwork!

New Donk City

If you’ve been a regular visitor on Gaming Reinvented for the last few months, you’ve likely seen a lot of Super Mario Odyssey screenshots and videos. We covered the trailers for the Switch Showcase, E3 and recent Nintendo Direct. We posted about all the new kingdoms leaked by amiibo figures and map screens.

But now we’ve got even more fantastic media for you all! Yep, thanks to an official Nintendo press release, we now have a massive 42 new pieces of artwork from the game, showing everything from Mario himself to enemies and locations!

So without much further ado, let’s get going.

Starting with these intriguing map logos. As you can see, every area in the game has a stylish piece of art advertising the kingdom as a whole, like the type of thing you’d see on a brochure or postcard. Here’s New Donk City’s one:

New Donk City

As well as the ones for Steam Gardens and Tostarena:

Steam Gardens


Plus Mount Volbono’s:

Mount Volbono

And Bonneton’s:


In addition to some others for Fossil Falls, Bubblaine and Shiveria:

Fossil Falls



They really remind us of the title artwork from Game & Wario to be honest. You know, those stylish cards they showed at the beginning of each game:

Mona Title Card

And they really work well for globetrotting aesthetic that Super Mario Odyssey is going for. However, they’re not the only interesting pieces of artwork here.

Nope, tons of enemies have them too! Here are the renders for the monsters you’ll encounter in game, from the chef like Hammer Bros to the T. Rex:

Captured Goomba


Hammer Bro

Plant Enemy

Captured Podoboo

Cheep Cheep

Bullet Bill

Chain Chomp

T Rex

Everyone certainly looks stylish with a Mario cap and moustache, don’t you think? Yeah, we’d say so too.

And talking of Capturing, Nintendo also made some art showing the mechanic in action too. It sure looks odd seeing Mario hijacking a monster’s body, don’t you think?

Mario capturing a Goomba

Other characters with artwork released recently include Cappy himself:


Cappy 2

In addition to Pauline and the main trio:



Mario with hat 1

Mario with hat 2

Mario with hat 3

Wedding Mario

Wedding Trio

Now all we need is some art for Peach’s equivalent of Cappy (Tiara), and we’ll be set here. For the meantime however, we do have these beautiful screenshots of the various kingdoms instead. Including the newly announced Seaside and Snow ones:

Bublaine Screenshot

Shiveria Screenshot

If you were wondering who the NPCs were in those kingdoms, well it seems like the answer is snails for the Seaside Kingdom and seals for the Snow Kingdom respectively. Here’s a picture of the latter:

Seal NPCs

We don’t know much about them just yet, but based on the trailers it seems they race Mario for at least one of the kingdom’s Power Moons. Which itself seems to be a recurring theme in this game. You’ve got car racing in New Donk City, Koopa races in that jungle kingdom and races with these guys in Shiveria. Guess Koopa the Quick and II Piantissimo inspired a fair few copycats in the world of Mario Odyssey!

Other screenshots available in the pack are a tad less interesting on the new details front, but neat to see anyway. Like this showing Mario looking very business-like in New Donk City:

New Donk City Screenshot

Or this one of him shivering in Tostarena (it is part ice themed after all):

Tostarena Screenshot

As well as this lovely looking shot of Fossil Falls. Guess Chain Chomps are seen as ‘prehistoric’ enemies in this game then? Eh maybe:

Fossil Falls Screenshot

And here are the equivalent screens for other kingdoms:

Steam Gardens Screenshot

Mount Volbono Screenshot

Bubblaine Screenshot

And to top it all off, here are some great postcards! Wow, these do look incredible:

Mario Odyssey Postcard 1

Mario Odyssey Postcards 2

So yeah, Super Mario Odyssey is looking good so far! Wonder what other kingdoms and characters will show up in it too? Or what other interesting things we’ll know about upon its release?

We can only wait and see…


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