Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Boxes Reveal New Kingdoms!

Mario Odyssey Amiibo

A while back, we mentioned how the Seaside Kingdom was revealed by accident in a Super Mario Odyssey video posted by Nintendo. This was the case because the name was shown on the map background displayed after getting an important Power Moon, which in turn was shown in the first Nintendo Gamescom presentation for the title.

Well it seems that picture has spoilt a few more kingdoms too. Why?

Because Nintendo was creative enough to use for it their amiibo boxes as well.

And just like in game, said boxes ended up revealing more new kingdoms from Super Mario Odyssey as a result!

For instance, take at this box art for the Wedding Mario amiibo. Looks pretty nice, doesn’t it?

Mario Amiibo Box

Yeah it does. But it also has an interesting few kingdoms named in the map behind him too. Like this one to the left, named the ‘Lake Kingdom’:

Lake Kingdom Zoom In

Or this extra one to the right, which seems to be named the ‘Snow Kingdom’:

Snow Kingdom Zoom In

Neither have been shown off in the game so far, which means this handy amiibo box has ended up spoiling two whole worlds that Nintendo didn’t want us to know about yet. And the pattern continues with the other two amiibo boxes too.

Like this Peach one. As you can see, it features a kingdom with a name ending in ‘oom’, which most likely refers to the Mushroom Kingdom from the series in general.

Mushroom Kingdom Zoom In

So again, that’s another new kingdom we didn’t know about before this point. This in turn brings the number of confirmed levels in the game from 6 to 10. Pretty neat eh, especially given how we haven’t even seen a third main trailer yet.

But still, what do you think of it all?

Are you excited by the possibilities of these new kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey? Does the idea of actually being able to explore the Mushroom Kingdom improve your interest in the game?

Or is the title something you’re already hyped to hell about with these reveals?

Post your thoughts on this (and other aspects of Super Mario Odyssey) in the comments below or on social media today!


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