Super Mario Maker Gets Costume based on Mario Manga

As you probably already know, Super Mario Maker has quite a few ‘costumes’ based on other Nintendo characters and franchises, that can be used by getting a ‘Mystery Mushroom’.

But in a move that’s perhaps a bit more strange than even those, it seems Japan is getting a new Mario Maker costume based on a rather unique source.  Namely, the Super Mario-kun manga! Here’s a few pictures of it from the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine:

Super Mario-kun Maker

So, what does this mean for the future of Super Mario Maker and its costumes?  Well, quite a few things actually.  Most importantly, that characters based on non game media now actually have of making it into the game as costumes.

Which means that the possibility of a Mario costume based on the Bob Hoskins version in the movie or the Super Show cartoon version is now actually upon us.  Could these guys be making a comeback?


Heck, we could even start seeing such amusing stuff as the Hotel Mario versions making it into the game, if Nintendo was so inclined.  Can you imagine how hilarious it’d be to have an hilariously off model version of Mario constantly making quips about ‘reading the instruction manual’ and toasters? It’d certainly liven up the world of internet memes and Youtube Poop…

So that’s the Super Mario-kun Mario costume for Super Mario Maker.  Will it lead to more costumes based on Nintendo adaptations?  Only time will tell…


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